‘Pretenders’ Mocking the Father

“In A.D. 313 the emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, granting religious freedom to the Christians and ending two and a half centuries of savage persecution. He adopted Christianity and made it the favored religion of the empire. That began the process by which Christianity merged with the Roman state. Heathen priests became Christian priests; heathen temples became Christian churches; heathen feasts became Christian festivals. Christianity was no longer a personal matter, but a national identity. The church married the political system, so that worldliness was synonymous with the church. Today, in some ways, worldliness is still rampant in the church.”

MacArthur, John (1999) Revelation 1-11 (The MacArthur New Testament Commentary). Chicago: moody press, page 83 (emphasis mine)

Today I was shown a Youtube video of an American pastor (?) ranting and raving and becoming quite hysterical about a single political persuasion. All I felt was shame: complete and utter shame, dismay and disappointment that a section of Christ’s Church could degrade itself by taking sides. I do not mean to disrespect the USA’s political system; rather, I wish to urge God’s children to remember their responsibility to uphold the pure undiluted faith of our Saviour (John 15:19; Romans 12:2; Titus 2:12).

I recommend you also read the article ‘It Is Finished!‘ which also seeks to encourage people in America not to water down the Gospel.

Later I encountered this hymn which I feel may possibly express our Creator’s reaction to the ways in which His free-willed ‘followers’ choose to present their new life in Christ:

“God weeps

at love withheld,

at strength misused,

at children’s innocence abused,

and, til we change the way we love,

God weeps.

God bleeds,

at anger’s fist,

at trust betrayed,

at women battered and afraid,

and, til we change the way we win,

God bleeds.

God cries

at hungry mouths,

at running sores,

at creatures dying without cause,

and, til we change the way we care,

God cries.

God waits

for stones to melt,

for peace to seed,

for hearts to hold each other’s need,

and, til we understand the Christ,

God waits.”

by Shirley Erena Murray (1931-2020)

(Taken from The Church Hymnary Trust (2006) Church Hymnary. 4th edition. Norwich: Canterbury Press, 168)

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